Receivables Factoring is a transaction in which a business assigns its accounts receivable (invoice) to a lender to finance its short-term working capital needs.  This is done so that the business can receive cash much quicker than it would by waiting 60 -120 days for a customer payment.  Once your company has submitted a full application and it has been approved, we can provide funds within days. We can also provide extended financing terms and highly competitive rates for invoices from investment grade companies.



  •   Bridges the time gap between receivables and payables.
  •   Unlocks profits and frees up cash flow to grow your business.
  •   Quicker and easier than obtaining a bank loan.



  1.   Complete our credit application.
  2.   Send us the invoices you would like to be factored.
  3.   Within days of approval, we will advance you up to 90% of the value of the invoices.
  4.   Your customers will remit the invoice payments to us.
  5.   Once we receive payment, we will return the balance minus our fees.



Invoice Amounts: In aggregate, totals between $100,000 – $4 million with the potential for larger transactions.
Terms: Invoices with up to 120 days payable.
Interest Rates:
  • Competitive based on the risk profile of the deal.
  • Reduced rates as repayment record established.
  • Payments capitalized and deferred until maturity.
Industry Focus: All industries considered.


Please note we will follow up with you once your application has been reviewed.

CONTACT US:  403-215-1892