Based in Calgary, Alberta, we provide alternative lending solutions to quality management teams.  We can assist those companies that may not qualify for conventional bank financing, or need to supplement their existing credit facilities, by providing a flexible and custom designed debt solution.  Once an application has been made, we will quickly evaluate your company and provide timely capital for your operations.


Our team of professionals has extensive experience in debt and equity markets throughout various sectors including oil and gas.  We are well capitalized and constantly funding new opportunities allowing us to provide you capital solutions in an effective and efficient manner.


We provide a unique and flexible financing solution to fit your situation.


From short-term loans as little as six months to support working capital to longer term corporate bridge lending, we can quickly structure a workable solution that allows you to grow and seize market opportunities or replace existing lenders.  If you have a company with a strong established record within your market but do not fit the traditional bank financing model, or your bank will only finance a portion of your requirements, Invico is there to fill in the gap.  LEARN MORE / APPLY


Known in the industry as factoring, Invico can help solve your cash flow needs and unlock profits by providing immediate financing for your qualifying invoices.  Once your company has submitted a full application and it has been approved, we can provide funds within days. We can also provide extended financing terms and highly competitive rates for invoices from investment grade companies.  LEARN MORE / APPLY